A Torrington man has been sent to prison for 10 weeks for breaching a restraining order.

Paul Bradley, 35, of Greenbank appeared before North Devon Magistrates’ Court on Friday after spending the night in custody

for visiting the house of Vicky Lovell.

He had been subject to the restraining order since March.

The new offence also put him in breach of a suspended sentence order – meaning the court was obliged to trigger a 12-week custodial sentence.

Speaking for the defence, Tony Dart suggested it would be ‘unjust’ for the bench to impose the full 12-week sentence, as Bradley had already completed five months of the restraining order and had co-operated with the probation requirements of his order.

He also suggested that the victim had tried to make contact with Bradley on several occasions since the order was put in place.

But Lyndsey Baker, for the prosecution, said that Miss Lovell is ‘very scared of the defendant and doesn’t want to be in the same room as him’.

Sitting magistrate Ian Kingsbury said: “You blatantly breached your restraining order while on a suspended sentence and have had complete disregard for a court order.

“But you have served a good part of that order and have completed your probation requirement.”

Bradley will serve 10 weeks in prison, and will also have to pay a criminal court charge of £180 and a victim surcharge of £80 upon his release. The restraining order was extended for 12 months.