New shelter completes Ilfracombe bus stop scheme

Joseph Bulmer

A NEW shelter has been installed by Devon County Council at the popular bus layby in Marlborough Road, Ilfracombe.

The �3,000 scheme, which was funded through local planning contributions, completes the stop outside John Fowler’s Holiday Park, which was established last year.

It provides a safer access for passengers as it is off the highway and caters for increased use of the service following the expansion of the holiday park and establishment of the new Tesco store.

Ilfracombe county councillor Geoff Fowler said: “I’m pleased at the major improvements we’ve seen at this stop, firstly with the creation of the layby and now with the shelter. This will be of great benefit to visitors and local passengers that use this route.”

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council cabinet member for highways and transportation, said: “This new shelter finishes off the bus layby and improves the facilities at the stop, which will hopefully encourage even more use. This stop has already improved safety for passengers getting on and off the bus, as well as for other road users, as the stop is off the highway.”