New netball season opens with close games

Joseph Bulmer

THE new North Devon Netball League season started with the usual rain, but all the teams coped well and the new players stepped up to the standard needed.

Carol Anne Emeralds and Panthers had a particularly close match in Division 2, with Annie Cook shooting well to give Emeralds a two-goal victory.

Anna Caswell’s dominance in mid-court enabled Reeds Silverside to defeat Venners Bakery Adders by the same small margin in Division 3.

Only two goals again separated Titans Pluto from Woolacombe Wolves in Division 4, with Jess Berry giving Pluto the edge.

Bude Stars, North Devon Homes Stars and Exmoor Beasties each had convincing victories in these divisions.

Two young teams, Langtree Re-Unites Rhinos and Carol Anne Opals, faced each other in Division 4. They were evenly matched, but Langtree had the experience to take the initiative in the final quarter and pull nine goals clear.

In the top division, Carol Anne Diamonds, Carol Anne Trolls and Venners Bakery Vipers all showed the summer break has been quickly forgotten as they netted 63, 47 and 50 goals respectively.

Division 1: Carol Anne Diamonds 63, Titans Voyager 21; Venners Bakery Vipers 50, Titans Jupiter 10; Carol Anne Trolls 47, Carol Anne Sapphires 29.

Division 2: Bude Stars 39, Carol Anne Amethysts 14; Carol Anne Emeralds 30, Panthers 28; Langtree Re-Unites Rogues 25, Titans Venus 15.

Division 3: North Devon Homes 33, Carol Anne Golds 25; North Devon Homes Stars 32, Hartland Harriers 10; Reeds Silverside 25, Venners Bakery Adders 23.

Division 4: Exmoor Beasties 31 , Carol Anne Jets 15; Langtree Re-Unites Rhinos 29, Carol Anne Opals 20; Titans Pluto 24, Woolacombe Wolves 22.