New film to help drivers cope with blue lights

Joseph Bulmer

A new short film has been launched to help drivers across the region react properly to help the emergency services when their blue lights are flashing.

Blue Light Aware advises the public on how they can best react to help the emergency driver reach their destination quickly and safely.

The five minute film by the by the GEM Motoring Assist Road Safety Charity and Drive Smarter is available at The project was co-ordinated by Tom Baker, Driver Training Manager for Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, who said:

“For many years, driver trainers from the emergency services have been calling for a resource to give drivers on our roads and fire service drivers a standard message and advice on what to do when they see a vehicle on blue lights.”

David Williams, chief executive of GEM Motoring Assist, said difficulties arose for drivers when it was not always clear what they were expected to do, with members of the public putting themselves in danger, breaking the law or risking damage to their cars while trying to assist an emergency vehicle.