New assessment for renewable energy

Joseph Bulmer

A new assessment has been voted in by Torridge District Council to aid in managing renewable energy developments.

A NEW Landscape Assessment will ensure plans for future wind turbines and solar energy developments are carefully managed in the Torridge area.

The assessment has been voted in by members of Torridge District Council’s Community and Resources (C&R) Committee and will enable the Council to make well-informed decisions on planning applications received for wind and solar developments.

Councillor Gaye Taybor, lead member for the Natural and Built Environment, explained that the Council need to “maximise renewable energy generation”.

However, she said: “The development of wind and solar electricity generating installations across Torridge needs to be managed carefully to achieve the greatest contribution towards our energy needs while at the same time ensuring that important characteristics of the landscape are not unacceptably harmed.”

The assessment was commissioned in response to ongoing interest in land for developing solar and wind technologies.

Council Leader and Chair of the C&R Committee Barry Parsons, said: “Torridge’s landscape has a significant economic, social and community value, contributing to a sense of identity, well-being, enjoyment and inspiration and being a major contributor to a strong tourism industry.”

Torridge’s environmental values will also be taken into consideration as part of the Assessment.

The assessment includes landscape recommendations for the siting and scale of future developments and landscape strategies for the deployment of each technology.

The full assessment can be viewed online at on the Torridge District Council website.