Netball girls receive their awards

Joseph Bulmer

The North Devon Netball League’s annual presentations were held at Barnstaple Hotel this weekend with Langtree Re-Unites Tessa Gorin winning the rosebowl for her commitment and dedication to the sport.

Tessa has led Langtree’s teams for a number of years and has been influential in developing the netball skills of many juniors. She is also off to India in November with the Netball Development Trust charity to introduce the sport there.

Another Langtree girl, Morgan New, won the Charlotte Shaw Memorial Award for the greatest contribution by a newcomer, adding to her growing collection of awards for her services to the sport and her North Devon League awardsfor Players’ Player and Fair Play Player.

Carol Anne Diamonds captain Charlotte Frickleton was named senior player of the year for Division 1 and she led her team to take both the summer and winter league titles.

Penny Collis from Venners Bakery Cobras won the Senior Player of the Year for Division 2 on their way to the winter league title.

In Division 3 Chan Beer (Carol Anne Golds), Chloe Crook (North Devon Homes) and Kat Timms (Venners Bakery Adders) were joint winners of the Senior Player award.

National Colleges squad member Rebecca Priest was the Division 1 Junior Player of the Year. Laura Short and Gracey Woolway took the same honours in Divisions 2 and 3 respectively.

The Players’ Player awards were won by Kathryn Parkyn, Louise Way, Laura Short, Morgan New, Madeleine Ralph and Gracey Woolway. The Fair Play Players were Annette Huxtable, Penny Collis, Anna Caswell, Morgan New, Helen Stevenson, Kat Timms, and Gina Pope.

Trophy winners:

Summer 2011: Div 1 – Carol Anne Diamonds; ru, Titans Apollo. Div 2 – Venners Bakery Baby Cobras; ru, Titans Jupiter. Div 3 – South Molton Falcons; ru, Carol Anne Emeralds. Div 4 – Reeds Silverside; ru,Titans Venus. Div 5 – Venners Bakery Pythons; ru, Carol Anne Golds, Div 6 –Woolacombe Wolves; ru, Exmoor Beasties & Venners Fillies. Fair Play Player - Div 1, Annette Huxtable (Carol Anne Trolls); Div 2, Penny Collis (Venners Bakery Cobras); Div 3, Morgan New (Langtree Re-Unites Randoms), Helen Stevenson (Carol Anne Emeralds); Div 4, Anna Caswell (Reeds Silverside); Div 5, Kat Timms (Venners Bakery Adders); Div 6, Gina Pope (Venners Fillies).

Winter 2010–2011: Div 1 – Carol Anne Diamonds; ru, Titans Apollo. Div 2 – Venners Bakery Cobras; ru, Carol Anne Amethysts. Div 3 – Bude Satellites; ru, Reeds Silverside. Junior Player of the Year – Div 1, Rebecca Priest (Carol Anne Diamonds); ru, Megan Bailey (Carol Anne Diamonds), Chantal Moore (Venners Bakery Vipers). Div 2, Laura Short (Carol Anne Amethysts); ru, Grace Beal (Venners Bakery Cobras), Rosie Norton (Carol Anne Amethysts). Div 3, Gracey Woolway (Venners Bakery Pythons); ru, Rebecca Cuthbertson (Bude Satellites). Most Improved Player – Div 1, Jen Law (Pat Williams Girls); ru, Megan Bailey (Carol Anne Diamonds), Louise Way (Venners Bakery Vipers). Div 2, Marie Dibble (South Molton Falcons); ru, Tanya Robinson (Carol Anne Emeralds), Elsa Thorne (Langtree Re-Unites Rivals). Div 3, Molly Hayden (Carol Anne Jets), Olivia Woolaway (Venners Bakery Pythons); ru, Sarah Shorten (Exmoor Beasties). Senior Player – Div 1, Charlotte Frickleton (Carol Anne Diamonds); ru, Katrina Venner (Venners Bakery Vipers). Div 2, Penny Collis (Venners Bakery Cobras); ru, Emily Hastings (Venners Misfits). Div 3, Chan Beer (Carol Anne Golds), Chloe Crook (North Devon Homes), Kat Timms (Venners Bakery Adders). Players’ Player – Div 1, Kathryn Parkyn (Venners Bakery Baby Cobras), Louise Way (Venners Bakery Vipers); Div 2, Laura Short (Carol Anne Amethysts); Div 3, Morgan New (Langtree Re-Unites Rhinos), Madeleine Ralph (Carol Anne Jets), Gracey Woolway (Venners Bakery Pythons). Fair Play Team - Div 1, All Whites; Div 2, Fillies; Div 3, North Devon Homes Stars and Venners Bakery Adders. Charlotte Shaw memorial - Morgan New (Langtree Re-Unites Rhinos). Classic Cup - Jackie Shepherd (Pat Williams Girls). Most Improved Umpire - Zoe Lane (Langtree Re-Unites Rhinos), Sophie Lamont (Venners Bakery Baby Cobras); ru, Amanda Rogers (North Devon Homes Stars). Umpire of the Year - Geri Davies (Titans). Players’ Umpire - Lorraine Beel (Titans Apollo), Sharon Curtis (All Whites). Rosebowl - Tessa Gorin (Langtree Re-Unites Rogues).