MP praises Tory election results

Joseph Bulmer

Conservatives gain Torridge seats – full results

GEOFFREY Cox, MP for Torridge and West Devon, has hailed the Conservative Party’s performance in the Torridge District Council elections as “the best result since the early 1980s”.

Eighteen Conservatives were elected out of 36 council seats, representing a gain of five seats from the number (13) elected the last time the council was contested in 2007.

The result put the Conservatives just one away from overall control. Torridge has never been under single party control since its foundation in 1973.

One Tory not celebrating today, however, is Bideford Mayor Philip Pester, who lost to Labour’s David Brenton by 15 votes in the Bideford South seat. It’s the first time in eight years that Labour has been represented on the council.

Liberal Democrats gained a sixth seat, the Greens won a seat but the number of Independents elected fell from 14 to 10.

A jubilant Geoffrey Cox said: “These excellent results reflect the hard work, self-discipline and dedication of the Conservative Group over the past four years in leading the transformation of Torridge District Council into one of the most improved councils in the country.

“I know that steady work will continue, in collaboration with the county council and the coalition government, to bring new opportunities and prospects to Torridge and to steer us through difficult economic times.

The MP continued: “I congratulate all of the candidates who stood at this election. Some excellent councillors have decided to step down and others have not been re-elected. They deserve our thanks for their years of service to our communities and they certainly have my admiration and gratitude.”

The count in neighbouring North Devon Council area was beginning this morning. Keep returning to our website for the latest results.


Torridge District Council Election Results:

Appledore (two seats):

Andrew Eastman (Cons) 576 E

Barry Edwards (Ind) 348 E

Kenneth Davis (UKIP) 283

Andrew Gill (Lib Dem) 264

James Jackson (Cons) 252

Peter Hames (Green) 193

Benjamin Lee (Lib Dem) 87

Bideford East (three seats):

Mervyn Langmead (Cons) 609 E

Pauline Davies (Cons) 553 E

Stephen Clarke 445 E

Susan Rose (Lib Dem) 379

Gaston Dezart (UKIP) 365

Ian Hopkins (Lab) 289

Leonard Ford (Ind) 288

Alan Rayner 184

Bideford North (three seats):

Peter Christie (Green) 879 E

Trevor Johns (Lib Dem) 703 E

David Fulford (Cons) 629 E

Hugo Barton (Lib Dem) 625

Mary Fulford (Cons) 464

Anne Brenton (Lab) 445

Emma Farrington (Ind) 311

Bideford South (three seats):

Tony Inch (Cons) 503 E

Simon Inch (Cons) 495 E

David Brenton (Lab) 484 E

Philip Pester (Cons) 469

Robert Wootton (Lib Dem) 414

Mel Bushell (lib Dem) 335

Broadheath (one seat):

Peter Watson (Cons) 401 E

John Worden (Lib Dem) 346

Clinton (one seat):

Philip Collins (Ind) 574 E

William Douglas-Mann (Green) 138

Clovelly Bay (one seat):

Adam Symons (Lib Dem) 481 E

Alison Boyle (Cons) 227

Coham Bridge (one seat):

Gaye Tabor (Cons) 543 E

James Richardson (Lib Dem) 189

Forest (one seat):

Barry Parsons (Cons) 592 E

Julie Adnams-Hatch (Lib Dem) 104

Hartland and Bradworthy (two seats):

Brian Redwood (Lib Dem) 494 E

Anna Dart (Lib Dem) 473 E

Anthony Brewington (Cons) 401

Andrea Chick (Ind) 271

Michael Stuart Footitt (Cons) 245

Robin Julian (UKIP) 188

Keith Funnell (Green) 177

Holsworthy (two seats):

Michael Peter Footitt (Cons) 741 E

Howard Ratledge (Lib Dem) 493 E

Charlie Le-Roy (Lib Dem) 489

Kenwith (one seat):

Geoffrey Hastings (Lab) 153

Karen Heard (Lib Dem) 162

Kathy Murdoch (Cons) 406 E

Monkleigh and Littleham (uncontested):

Phil Pennington (Ind) E

Northam (three seats):

Jane Whittaker (Cons) 1,003 E

Roger Johnson (Cons) 939 E

John Himan (Cons) 924 E

Dave Berryman (Lib Dem) 589

Kay Renton (Lib Dem) 526

David Rowe (Lab) 524

Orchard Hill (one seat):

Chris Leather (Ind) 475 E

Ben Symons (Lib Dem) 172 E

Shebbear and Langtree (one seat):

John Lewis (Cons) 468 E

John Watson (Lib Dem) 273

Tamarside (uncontested):

Ken James (Ind) E

Three Moors (one seat):

Rosemary Lock (Cons) 532 E

Colin Jones (Green) 160

Theresa Seligmann (Lib Dem) 97

Torrington (three seats):

Andrew Boyd (Cons) 809 E

Margaret Brown (Ind) 792 E

Geoff Lee (Lib Dem) 641 E

David Cox 408

Heathcliffe Pettifer (Lab) 312

Matthew Jollands (Lib Dem) 209

Shirley Griffin (UKIP) 208

Two Rivers (one seat):

Harold Martin (Cons) 465 E

Adrian Freeland (Ind) 294

Waldon (one seat):

Robert Hicks (Ind) 381 E

Jim Lowe (Ind) 323

Westward Ho! (one seat):

Roger Tisdale (Ind) 478 E

Maria Bailey (Cons) 390

Winkleigh (uncontested):

David Lausen E