(L to R) Youth Parliament member Tymek Kiliszek with North Devon MP Selaine Saxby - Credit: David Hoare

MP meets Deputy Youth Member of Parliament Ilfracombe's Tymek

Joseph Bulmer

Selaine Saxby, MP for North Devon, met with Tymek Kiliszek, our Deputy Youth Member of Parliament to discuss his issues.

Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) are elected every two years by other young people in their local area. Any 11–18 year-old can stand or vote in the election.

Tymek (13) from Ilfracombe Academy who was elected in March 2022 said: “As a member, I try to make North Devon a better place and work with many people to get positive results. It was a pleasure meeting Selaine Saxby and talking about what I think we could change in North Devon.

“One of the things was improving bins and how we need bigger bins in large areas. This will make more space, no chance for seagulls to rip out the bin bags, and it's better for the planet. Another thing was pavements and how we need better pavements for people in wheelchairs to move around.

“We also discussed the top three things which Ilfracombe Academy students wanted to change in North Devon; these were: school meals, transport and more bins.

“I am delighted to see how Selaine and her team have gone straight to action by emailing the Chief Executives of both the District and County Council.

“Also, in my term, I would like to set up a small group of passionate youths to make ideas of things to change in North Devon. Also, to make North Devon even more sustainable and for us to influence different constituencies to make their constituency as sustainable as North Devon.”

Selaine Saxby MP said: “It is a pleasure to meet up with Tymek, Deputy Youth Member of Parliament from Ilfracombe.

“We discussed what an MP does, and he showed me a presentation on what he wanted to achieve during his term and the top three things which Ilfracombe Academy students wanted to change in North Devon.

“I was delighted that it was not only me that is passionate about bins! Something that many people contact me about. Every level of council should by now know how obsessed I am with the number of, the quality and condition of and the regular collection of public bins.

“Not every young person interested in politics wants to work in politics, but do think about getting involved and making a difference.

“If not a Youth Member of Parliament then I also have a job opportunity in my Westminster Office, so if you are looking to study or move to London from September and are looking for part time work, do please get in touch, with an option of working from North Devon in the holidays.”