MP and council leader visit Age Concern in Barnstaple

North Devon Gazette

This year the Age Concern celebrates its thirtieth year providing services to older people living in Barnstaple and the surrounding parishes.Â

Age Concern’s mission is to care for older people and provide services for people aged 60 years and over, although the average age of its clients is 83 and above.Â

The charity has over the years recruited many volunteers, ‘the vital link’ enabling the ‘community to support the community’.Â

These were the words shared by councillor John Hart, the leader of Devon County Council, on his visit to Age Concern Barnstaple at a recent coffee morning. He was accompanied by councillor James McInnes, cabinet member for Adult Social Care and Health Services.Â

Selaine Saxby, Member of Parliament for North Devon and David Hoare, her constituency office manager, also joined the coffee morning and talked with a number of the charity’s most elderly and vulnerable clients, who felt the charity had proved to be a life-line since the first Covid lockdown.Â

The councillors and Selaine Saxby met and talked with the clients, volunteers and trustees who were present. It was recognised that Age Concern Barnstaple has played a vital role in providing community support and care over the years and as an established service will play a vital role in the future.Â

A spokesperson for Age Concern Barnstaple said: “The need to help enable older people who have suffered with social isolation due to shielding for health issues was discussed as well as a new problem, that many are experiencing a loss of confidence due to mobility issues and are afraid to venture out of their homes.”Â

Councillor John Hart was invited to speak on the local radio station The Voice, and recognised the important role Age Concern Barnstaple continues to play within the voluntary sector.Â

The spokesperson added: “Age Concern Barnstaple would like to thank ‘The Voice’ for providing the premises to enable this event.Â

"We are a local charity and rely on donations to enable our services to continue. We work with and for the community. Help us to help them.”Â