Molly’s blog is a real ‘page-turner’

Joseph Bulmer

Schoolgirl, 15, turns the cover on her own adventure into publishing.

A BARNSTAPLE schoolgirl with a love for books is reaching out to fellow readers with a ‘page-turner’ of her own.

Just eight months after setting up an internet book blog, Molly Gibson-Mee’s on-line reviews are now being read by hundreds of people a day, all over the world.

The Pilton Community College pupil’s reviews are so well-respected that some of the UK’s leading publishing houses regularly send her advance copies of their latest books in return for an honest critique.

“I have always loved reading and the thrill of losing yourself within the pages of a book,” said Molly, 15, from Goodleigh.

“I started posting my reviews and my followers increased considerably. I was so surprised and flattered that people all over the world were taking an interest in what I thought of these books.”

Molly’s blog, “Reading is my cup of tea” has around 120 followers and receives an average daily view rate of 200.

In the past week the site has been viewed by people in the UK, America, Russia, Germany, Canada, Austria, Australia, France, India and Brazil.

Molly has reviewed advance copies of soon-to-be-published young adult novels from Hodder Children’s Books, Egmont UK and Bloomsbury but is careful to put her school work first.

“I try to read at least one book a week and if I really like the author, I’ll usually read the book in a day and then re-read it so that I can write a proper review,” said Molly, who hopes to become a book editor when she leaves school.

“It’s great to be able to read the books by my favourite authors before they are published but I’ve got some GCSE exams this year so have to make sure I’ve done my work first.”

Pilton school librarian Lyn Friend said: “I’m absolutely delighted that a Pilton pupil has embraced books and reading in the way that Molly has.

“Her blog is fabulous, so much so that we’ve put a link to it on the school website so that other pupils can read her reviews.”

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