MEP supports dairy industry

Joseph Bulmer

SIR - I am continually saddened to see the sufferings of the dairy sector in our region and the difficulties which it faces as the result of supermarkets undercharging for milk.

Recently, I visited Woefuldane Farm in Minchinhampton and talked to Melissa Ravenhill, a farmer of 30 years, who produces milk, cheese and more for her local community.

While I appreciate that not every area can have a shop with its own milk churn and ladle, it was fascinating to see how this village is fighting back against the supermarkets and independently producing and selling local milk and cheese to local people.

Small dairies across the region are increasing the price of their pints in order to survive, a sad reflection of the difficult times that they are facing.

Through your pages, I would like to assure farmers in our region that I am on your side and am pushing hard for a reduction in unnecessary legislation from Europe. I am also working to ensure that labels don’t lie about the freshness of the milk which people consume. It is totally unacceptable that milk should be labelled as fresh when it hasn’t been near a cow for almost two weeks.

As ever, I encourage readers to contact me with comments or questions through my website,

Julie Girrling MEP