Love in later life? Do you need a 'silver nup'?

North Devon Gazette

Cohabitation by newly formed couples, divorce and re-marriage later in life is becoming much more commonplace and many people are turning to ‘silver nuptials’ before they remarry. Stephen Dove, solicitor at Brewer Harding & Rowe, talks us through the issues. He said: “A prenuptial agreement, more commonly known as a pre-nup is an agreement signed in advance of a marriage.

“The agreement seeks to define what would happen financially if the new marriage were to end.
“The courts are beginning to take note of prenuptial agreements, but they are by no means watertight and can be easily challenged.

“If you are thinking of marrying or moving in with a new partner and want to protect them, yourself and your current family, you must get expert legal advice to ensure that your will, deeds and accounts are all organised in the right way.”

Marriage has a huge effect on your legal position, Mr Dove continues, and often people entering into a later life marriage do not realise this.
He added: “Living with somebody may also mean that your new partner has rights to occupy your property or a claim on your estate.
“Disputes about these issues are commonplace and can permanently damage family relationships.

“Disputes can cost large amounts in legal and court costs when the individuals do not manage to find an agreement.
“In the midst of all the excitement and happiness of a new relationship these issues can easily be put to one side or forgotten.”

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