Love a duck: Can you help 600 yellow plastic refugees?

Joseph Bulmer

Ilfracombe St John Ambulance has 639 racing fowl to shift...

Cor, love a duck! Is there anyone out there who loves ducks enough to give a home to 639 of the yellow plastic variety?

The ducks were once valuable fund raisers for Ilfracombe St John Ambulance, floating down a stream through the town to come out on the beach in annual charity races.

But the event has not been held for several years and a clear-out of the loft at St John headquarters means it is time for the ducks to move on.

The brigade is now hoping their yellow lodgers will provide one final act of benevolence as they are being offered for sale for �65 to help swell group funds.

It is hoped some other charity group may wish to pick them up, so the birds of a plastic feather can flock back together and renew their charity racing exploits once more.

Anyone interested should contact Elizabeth Dymond on (01271) 864346.