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Joseph Bulmer

Commenting on Gazette stories is so easy for social media users

FACEBOOK, Google and Yahoo users can now comment on news stories on the North Devon Gazette website using their social media account sign-ins.

The move will enable social media users to directly interact with the newspaper websites, and comment on their news stories for example, without the need to register separately or remember yet another username and password.

The facility is available to users of Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Windows Live ID/MSN, and will enable them to access all the functionality available to registered website users including commenting on stories and an exclusive ‘My24’ homepage, where you can save search results and create personalised news updates.

Gazette editor David Tanner, said: “We want to encourage our readers to let us know what they think about news stories in their area and make the online experience both more accessible and enjoyable for them.

“By allowing users to log into our sites using their Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Windows accounts we hope that many more readers will actively voice their opinions on the stories which affect them.”