Local radio?

Joseph Bulmer

SIR - Here in North Devon we don’t ask for much, but one thing I know I would love is a local radio station. We used to have one in the town here in Bideford but it got moved to Barnstaple, which at the time I thought how can it be local it’s 10 miles away!!!

Anyway, that went on fine until it got taken over and now their idea of local is Exeter during the day and London the rest of the time. Without being rude, how can someone in London be classed as local radio????

They don’t know how to pronounce the local places properly and their idea of travel reporting is diabolical - hardly a mention for us here in North Devon Which is one of the reasons I don’t listen to radio 2. Personally I don’t need to know how congested the M25 is.

I miss our local station. There was “The Voice radio on for about a month but they had to go as they didn’t have the full-time licence. Currently they are broadcasting in Barnstaple which is brilliant unless like me you live in Bideford. I was so much happier when I could listen on FM!!!