Local election candidates in North Devon and Torridge

Joseph Bulmer

THE list of candidates has been published for the forthcoming district and parish council elections in North Devon and Torridge.

Voting for the 2011 Local Elections and Alternative Vote Referendum takes place on May 5.

In North Devon, there are 43 district council and 479 parish council seats up for grabs.

On Torridgeside 49 candidates will contest 33 district council seats. In a further three wards candidates will go in unopposed. There are also 453 seats to be filled on 62 town and parish councils.

The referendum on the voting system will be used to decide how a Member of Parliament is elected at future General Elections.

The candidates for the North Devon area parish council elections can be viewed at www.northdevon.gov.uk/elections

The list of candidates for Torridge can be found at www.torridge.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=6579

North Devon Council candidates:

Bickington and Roundswell (Two seats): Rodney Cann (Independent); Brian Hockin (Independent); Jerry Hole (Lib Dem);Carol McCormack-Hole (Lib Dem); Jason Ritterband-Fulcher (Cons); Jean Smalley (Labour); Serena Thomas (Cons)

Bishops Nympton (One seat – Uncontested): Eric Ley (Independent)

Bratton Fleming (One seat): Gordon Cumming (Cons); Ian Godfrey (Green); Malcolm Prowse (Unspecified)

Braunton East (Two seats): Mary Breeds (Green); Valerie Cann (Labour); Andy Leat (Green); Roy Lucas (Cons); Sally Smith (Cons); Derrick Spear (Lib Dem); Elizabeth Spear (Lib Dem)

Braunton West (Two seats): Jasmine Chesters (Cons); Caroline Chugg (Cons); Mary Clay (Green); Steven Holden (Labour); Marguerite Shapland (Lib Dem); Liz Wood (Green); Carol Woodford (Lib Dem)

Central Town (Barnstaple) (Two seats): Adam Bradford (Lib Dem); Simon Harvey (Cons); Deborah Lewis (Cons); Danny Neary (Labour); Gerrard Sables (Communist); Faye Webber (Lib Dem)

Chittlehampton (One seat – Uncontested): Walter White (Independent)

Chulmleigh (One seat): Sue Croft (Cons); Trudy Weston (Lib Dem)

Combe Martin (Two seats): Julia Clark (Independent); Paul Crockett (Cons); Yvette Gubb (Independent); Sue Sussex (Cons)

Forches & Whiddon Valley (Barnstaple) (Two seats): Neil Basil (Green); Sue Haywood (Lib Dem); Julie Hunt (Lib Dem); Douglas Lowe (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition); Geoff Moody (Labour)

Fremington (Two seats): Joanne Bell (Independent); Frank Biederman (Independent); Andrew Cann (Lib Dem); Joy Can (Lib Dem); John Gill (Cons); Dick Jones (Cons); Tony Wood (Independent)

Georgeham & Mortehoe (Two seats): Pat Barker (Cons); Rosemary Brian (Green); Mike Harrison (Green); Edward Short (Cons); Lesley Slade (Lib Dem); Malcolm Wilkinson (Lib Dem)

Heanton Punchardon (One seat): Steve Crowther (UKIP); Andrea Davis (Cons); Ray Shapland (Lib Dem)

Ilfracombe Central (Two seats): Tim Cox (Green); Paul Crabb (Cons); Frank Pearson (Independent); Netti Pearson (Independent); Paul Yabsley (Cons)

Ilfracombe East (One seat): Scott Burrows (Green); Toby Ebert (Labour); Mike Edmunds (Independent); Robin Horne (Cons)

Ilfracombe West (Two Seats): Geoff Fowler (Lib Dem); Chrissie Harmer (lib Dem); Marianna Holdsworth (Labour); Philip Webb (Cons); Colin Wright (Cons)

Instow (One seat): Brian Moores (Cons); Stewart White (Independent); Michaela Willis (Independent)

Landkey, Swimbridge & Taw (Two seats): Cliff Bell (Independent); Mark Haworth-Booth (Green); Glyn Lane (Cons); David Luggar (Cons); Richard Medland (Lib Dem); Mark Pegden (Lib Dem)

Longbridge (Barnstaple) (Two seats): Des Brailey (Cons); Mark Cann (Labour); Jackie Flynn (Cons); Charlie Piper (Lib Dem); Malcolm Rundle (Lib Dem)

Lynton & Lynmouth (One seat): Julian Gurney (Lib Dem); Tim Parker (Independent); Ian Rigby (Cons)

Marwood (One seat): Micky Darling (Green); Jim Pile (Cons); Joe Tucker (Lib Dem)

Newport (Barnstaple) (Two seats): Michael Harrison (Cons); Rosie Haworth-Booth (Green); Chris Haywood (Lib Dem); Ricky Knight (Green); Marion Mason (Labour); John Matthews (Cons); Ian Roome (Lib Dem)

North Molton (One seat): Richard Edgell (Cons); Michael Nelson (Lib Dem)

Pilton (Barnstaple) (Two seats): David Barker (Cons); Hilary Greenfield (Labour); Brian Greenslade (Lib Dem); L’Anne Knight (Green); Mair Manuel (Lib Dem); Linda Wellstead (Cons)

South Molton (Two seats): Tracey Lewis (Independent); Rae McCool (Cons); John Moore (Independent); Sue Sewell (Lib Dem); David Worden (Lib Dem)

Witheridge (One seat): Kate Palmer (Lib Dem); Jeremy Yabsley (Cons)

Yeo Valley (Barnstaple) (Two seats): Lesley Brown (Lib Dem); Paul Dyer (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition); Silvia Harrison (Cons); Colin Payne (Lib Dem); Sarah Willoughby (Green)

Torridge candidates:

Appledore (two seats): Kenny Davis (UKIP); Andrew Eastman (Cons); Barry Edwards (Ind);Andrew Gill (Lib Dem); Peter Hames (Green); Jim Jackson (Cons) and ben Lee (Lib Dem).

Bideford East (three seats): Stephen Clarke; Pauline Davies (Cons);Gaston Dezart (UKIP); Leonard Ford (Ind); Ian Hopkins (Lab); Mervyn Langmead (Cons); Alan Rayner; Susan Rose (Lib Dem).

Bideford North (three seats): Hugo Barton (Lib Dem); Anne Brenton (Lab); Peter Christie (Green); Emma Farrington (Ind); David Fulford (Cons); Mollie Fulford (Cons); Trevor Johns (Lib Dem).

Bideford South (three seats): David Brenton (Lab); Mel Bushell (lib Dem); Simon Inch (Cons); Tony Inch (Cons); Philip Pester (Cons); Bob Wootton (Lib Dem).

Broadheath (one seat): Peter Watson (Cons); John Worden (Lib Dem).

Clinton (one seat): Philip Collins (Ind); William Douglas-Mann (Green).

Clovelly Bay (one seat): Alison Boyle (Cons); Adam Symons (Lib Dem).

Coham Bridge (one seat): James Richardson (Lib Dem); Gaye Tabor (Cons).

Forest (one seat): Julie Adnams-Hatch (Lib Dem); Barry Parsons (Cons).

Hartland and Bradworthy (two seats): Anthony Brewington (Cons); Andrea Chick (Ind); Anna Dart (Lib Dem); Mike Footitt (Cons); Keith Funnell (Green); Robin Julian (UKIP); Brian redwood (Lib Dem).

Holsworthy (two seats): Michael Footitt (Cons); Charlie Le-Roy (Lib Dem); Howard Ratledge (Lib Dem).

Kenwith (one seat): Geoffrey Hastings (Lab); Karen Heard (Lib Dem); Kathy Murdoch (Cons).

Monkleigh and Littleham (uncontested): Phil Pennington (Ind).

Northam (three seats): Dave Berryman (Lib Dem); John Himan (Cons); Roger Johnson (Cons); Kay renton (Lib Dem); David Rowe (Lab); Jane Whittaker (Cons).

Orchard Hill (one seat): Chris Leather (Ind); Ben Symons (Lib Dem).

Shebbear and Langtree (one seat): John Lewis (Cons); John Watson (Lib Dem).

Tamarside (uncontested): Ken James (Ind).

Three Moors (one seat): Colin Jones (Green); Rosemary Lock (Cons); Theresa Seligmann (Lib Dem).

Torrington (three seats): Andy Boyd (Cons); Margaret Brown (Ind); David Cox; Shirley Griffin (UKIP); Matthew Jollands (Lib Dem); Geoff Lee (Lib Dem); Heathcliffe Pettifer (Lab).

Two Rivers (one seat): Adrian Freeland (Ind); Harold Martin (Cons).

Waldon (one seat): Robert Hicks (Ind); Jim Lowe (Ind).

Westward Ho! (one seat): Maria Bailey (Cons); Roger Tisdale (Ind).

Winkleigh (uncontested): David Lausen.