Living Needs is an official Rise and Recline chair supplier

North Devon Gazette

Living Needs in Barnstaple is proud to now be able to supply Rise & Recline bespoke chairs to our customers.

These include the best-selling Tilt-in-Space riser-recliner, recommended by occupational therapists for people with fluid on the legs, or who are recovering from hip operations.Â

The ‘tilt-in-space’ feature allows the whole chair to tilt backwards at the touch of a button, while maintaining your hip and knee angles at 90 degrees.Â

Maintaining the angle of your hips reduces pressure on your back and pelvis. The tilt-in-space feature allows you to raise your feet and ankles to around the same level as your heart – this can help improve the circulation of fluid and blood to and from the legs.

Made to measure: Rise & Recline chairs are fully customisable, with a choice of seat height, depth and width, fabric and style.

More practical: the riser function will enable you to rise more easily to a standing position and swing arms (optional), making it easier for anyone who needs assistance with sitting and standing.

Greater comfort: a wide range of options are available for increased comfort in people with a range of conditions. Postural management and pressure-relieving features, as well as heat and massage options, can be included to relieve the symptoms of many orthopaedic conditions.

Improved hygiene: Rise & Recline chairs are all available with easy to wipe down material that aids with hygiene, cleaning and infection control.

Living Needs is North Devon’s leading supplier of Rise & Recline chairs, which are built with solid wood frames, Seminar mechanisms (made in the UK) and Dewart motors. Â

Because of their build and material quality, all Rise & Recline chairs come with a five-year warranty for peace of mind.

For more information on our riser-recliners, mobility aids and bespoke bathroom solutions, please visit our showroom in Mill Road (Barnstaple) or to call us on 01271 374600 to arrange an appointment. Â

Please also visit our Facebook page or our website at to see recent examples of work we have carried out.