Liverpool experience for Barum team

Joseph Bulmer

BARNSTAPLE Swimming Club’s U19 water polo team entered the ASA national inter-club competition this year and as a warm up travelled to Kelly College, who have reformed a team after a gap of 20 years.

Kelly’s team included swim coach Robin Brew, who came fourth in the 400m individual medley at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, his brother, staff and parents who have played before and some of the boys. The Barum boys managed a narrow win before travelling to Liverpool four days later for their preliminary round of the ASA competition.

Most of the opposing teams were amalgamations of local clubs, such as three of Manchester’s nine players coming from Yorkshire and three from other Lancashire teams, while Barnstaple’s all-local team played without drawing on other Devon clubs.

They lost to Carlisle and City of Manchester, but beat Bristol in their final game to end up third out of four in their group and came home with valuable experience.

Barnstaple U15s team took on Paignton at the North Devon Leisure Centre in their first match of the Devon League season and finished 9-6 winners.

Rob Squires opened the scoring, followed by three goals apiece from Sam Wordley and Tom Clarke and one to Torin Lawson.