We turned to TripAdvisor to bring you the top five favourite Indian restaurants and takeaways in Barnstaple as part of National Curry Week.

It’s National Curry Week (October 12 - 18), and what better way to celebrate than to go out for a curry tonight?

We’ve turned to TripAdvisor to bring you the top five rated Indian restaurants and takeaways in Barnstaple.

1. Everest Ghurka Chef, Maiden Street, Barnstaple

Ranked as number four out of 106 Barnstaple restaurants, the Everest Ghurka Chef is the top-rated Indian restaurant in Barnstaple. It had 144 reviews, of which 118 are excellent, and serves a mix of Indian, Asian and Nepalese cuisine.

2. Ghurka restaurant, Market Street, Barnstaple

The second most popular Indian restaurant in Barnstaple is the Ghurka. It’s ranked as the 28th best restaurant in the town and has received more than 100 reviews for friendly staff and great food.

3. Masala Indian Takeaway, Pilton Street, Barnstaple

The third most popular Indian eatery in the town is Masala Indian Takeaway in Pilton. It describes itself as using ‘the finest blend and fusion of spices’ and is ranked the 49th best restaurant in Barnstaple.

4. Spice of India, Bear Street, Barnstaple

The Spice of Indian is ranked as the fourth best Indian takeaway in town, and 67th best place to eat in Barnstaple out of 121 restaurants. It specialised in Indian and Thai food.

5. The Ganges, Newport Road, Barnstaple

Offering eat in and take away, The Ganges in Newport is the fifth most popular Indian takeaway and restaurant in Barnstaple. Described by one reviewer as their ‘personal favourite’ Indian restaurant in the area.

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