Lundy isn’t just a name you hear on the radio shipping forecast — it’s a great little island you can see from many points off the coast of North Devon — and it’s so simple to reach by sea.

Skippers of local pleasure boats can get you across to Lundy, or you can make the journey via the MS Oldenburg, Lundys own 300-ton passenger and cargo ship, which is based at Bideford. It also sails occasionally from Ilfracombe and the journey takes just over two hours.

The island is some three miles long and commands magnificent views of the mainland on a fine day. It enjoys a milder climate and lower rainfall than the rest of North Devon and is famous for its birdlife, so binoculars should always be at the ready.

Today, only a handful of people live permanently on the island, but hundreds of visitors find their way there every year. A fully stocked shop sells souvenirs and special Lundy stamps. The Marisco Tavern serves excellent pub food and sells its own home-brewed ale. Lundy is even awaiting delivery of its own fire engine as we go to press!

You can even swim with friendly seals off the island when you sail to Lundy from Clovelly aboard the Jessica Hettie with Clive Pearson, one of the areas most experienced diving skippers.

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