How well do you know Barnstaple? Here are some facts about this North Devon town you might not know...

You live and work in Barnstaple, you roam the streets every day and you hurry around to get your shopping – but here are some facts you might not know…

1. Bullet holes

If you look closely at the Penrose Almshouses in Litchdon Street, you can still see the bullet holes visible from the region’s part in the Civil War.

2. Four faced liar

The Albert clock tower on The Square in Barnstaple is also known as the ‘four faced liar’ – its four different clock faces never read the same time.

3. Rugby player

Rugby player Phil Vickery was born in Barnstaple – as was composer Nigel Brooks. John Gay, who wrote The Beggars Opera was also thought to have been born and raised in the town.

4. Elephant remains

In February 1844, fossil remains were discovered under Summerland Street in Barnstaple, believed to be part of a Woolly Mammoth Elephas Primigenius, now known as Mammuthus Primigenius.

5. Spanish Armada

In 1588, five fighting ships sailed from Barnstaple to join Sir Francis Drake’s fleet at Plymouth, ready to fight the Spanish Armada.