Holsworthy is in the heart of the North West Devon countryside. Not to be missed is market day on a Wednesday when the Square is filled with colourful market stalls.

Holsworthy’s market

In the 13th century, Holsworthy became a borough, governed by a Portreeve, its leading citizen, and his Court.

On the eve of St Peters Fair Day in July, the officers of the Court Leet still meet to petition the Portreeve on any matter a member of the community wishes to raise. The Court Leet Beedle reads Ye Charter to open the Fair the next morning.

The Portreeve holds only ceremonial office now as Holsworthy has a town council headed by the Town Mayor.

The towns museum, in which there are many domestic and agricultural exhibits, features a 17th century kitchen, complete with many interesting utensils and instruments.

The famous Gnome Reserve near Bradworthy is well worth a visit

The Church of St Peter and St Paul at the east end of the town contains some Norman stone in the south porch. Its carillon plays a tune every three hours between 9am and 6pm.

The town also has a sports hall and a swimming pool and is an ideal base for a touring holiday.

Holsworthy is very close to the Cornish border and, while visiting, you are also not far from the Brocklands attraction at Kilkhampton and Killarney Springs.

Bradworthy is situated in the quiet rural hinterland some eight miles from Holsworthy.

The village is an ideal centre for touring both the magnificent coastal areas and the high, remote country of this part of North West Devon. Bradworthy is an attractive place briskly alive with excellent shopping facilities and a full social calendar.

The Square with the village pump at its centre is arguably one of the largest in the West of England. Today, The Square serves as a central car parking area, recalling its past on carnival night in July.

You must visit the family-run Martins of Bradworthy. Called a hardware store, it is really an emporium where you can buy everything from a nail to a three-piece suite. The business spreads through several former cottages off the Square and is known locally as Aladdins Cave.

Not far from Bradworthy is the Gnome Reserve and wild flower garden at West Putford. Visitors can meet 1,000 gnomes and pixies in the woods which have featured on television many times.