12 signs autumn has arrived in North Devon

These are the signs autumn is coming to North Devon. Pictures: iStock/Getty and Graham Hobbs

These are the signs autumn is coming to North Devon. Pictures: iStock/Getty and Graham Hobbs - Credit: Archant

We all enjoyed the summer heatwave, and while many of us aren’t quite ready to give up on an Indian summer, autumn is well and truly here.

There are definitely a few indications that the heatwave is gone and autumn has arrived in North Devon. How many of these can you relate to?

Barricane Beach packs up its curries

Yes, we’ve been meaning to get down there all summer too. Now we’re just going to have to wait until next year for some sun-drenched curry on the beach!

The beach doesn’t look so warm anymore…

Instead of building sandcastles and lying on the sand, we’re wrapping up warm and clutching a hot chocolate on an autumnal walk.

…but the surf is pumping!

No more sunshine = bigger waves. Let’s show those summer holiday makers what they’re missing.

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And the weather warnings start

How many storms will hit North Devon this autumn and winter? Get ready for big waves, possible flooding and more.

Barnstaple fair is back in town

The smell of candyfloss, colourful lights and whoops of delight are back. Time to enjoy a week of fun.

The Hocking’s van leaves Sainsburys

All summer long you’ve been able to get your ice-cream fix with your food shopping, but this month the van finally says goodbye to its Barnstaple pitch for the season

The autumn colours are back

Head to glorious gardens such as RHS Rosemoor or Arlington Court to witness some gorgeous autumnal tones in the trees.

The traffic dies down

There are no more caravans on the country lanes – but good luck trying to get across Barnstaple during rush hour.

You swap ice-cream for hot drinks

Forget holding a freezing cold ice-cream on the beach, we’re making the move to clutching a hot chocolate or coffee from a cozy café as we admire the views.

You can’t remember when North Devon looked like this...

Was this only a few months ago? Was the sea ever this blue? Could I even step outside without a jumper?

The Barnstaple panto launches

Yes folks, it’s time to start thinking about brushing up on your ‘he’s behind you’ (oh yes it is!) as the panto tickets are now on sale!

The Gazette gets its first Christmas listing

That’s right, we haven’t even had Halloween yet but some people are super organised. December 1 in Northam, if you’re interested.

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