10 things every North Devon university student can relate to

Picture: Dave Keightley

Picture: Dave Keightley - Credit: Dave Keightley

Leaving the countryside safety of North Devon to head out into the big wide world for fresher’s week? Here are 10 things every North Devon student will know...

Heading to university can be the first time heading out into the big wide world for many young people in North Devon.

Many will be leaving the rolling hills and pristine sands behind to experience a taste of city life while embarking on Higher Education.

But while you can take the student out of North Devon, you just cannot take North Devon out of the student.

Here are ten things every North Devon university student can relate to...

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1) You cannot contain your shock when you discover there is more than one nightclub in the town or city that you’re in.

2) Everyone you meet instantly starts talking in an irritating farmer’s accent as soon as you say you’re from North Devon...

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3) …And anyone who doesn’t start talking like a farmer has no clue where North Devon actually is.

4) You’re surprised when you realise you can get a bus anywhere – and that you don’t have to wait an hour if you miss one.

5) You feel obliged to enter every national retailer you can possibly find and can only dream of finding in Barnstaple, and cannot stop jumping for joy at the sight of H&M, Nandos or Starbucks.

6) You don’t understand why you get blank looks off your new friends when you ask questions like ‘where’sat too?’

7) You feel completely overwhelmed and/or terrified when you encounter city road junctions with more than two lanes.

8) You refuse to eat any ice cream because it just isn’t a Hocking’s.

9) You miss tuning into ITV Westcountry at 6pm to get your daily news fix with North Devon news legend Seth Conway.

10) You feel a bit lost when you realise you cannot just nip down to the beach, or wander for five minutes and end up in the open countryside.

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