Legion needs you

Joseph Bulmer

SIR - For the last five years I have had the honour of being Chairman of the Barnstaple Branch of the Royal British Legion. At our recent AGM I handed over the Chairmanship of the branch to Bryan Cawte.

I would like through your letter page to thank the members of the Branch Committee for their help and also thank Barnstaple Mayor Ian Roome and his consort Linda for the terrific support that they have given in practical ways by supporting all our activates during the last two years.

Ian gave half his first year’s charity appeal to us to help pay branch expenses as he was well aware that money from the Poppy Appeal and branch expenses are kept strictly apart.

Our branch has a problem with 45/50 members the average age of our members is 72. The youngest member is 17 and there are two over 90. The existence of the branch is essential to the welfare work the Legion undertakes on behalf of the present day armed forces and their families and the ex-armed service personal that need our help. This help is made possible by the annual Poppy Appeal which last year raised �35 million.

Looking around at this year’s Armistice Remembrance Parade at Rock Park, the largest I have seen, one could not help but notice the large number of youngish ex-servicemen and women wearing their medals with pride. We need your help to continue the vital work of the Legion. We meet about nine times a year at the Ex-Servicemen Club at St George’s Road Barnstaple. Our meetings are fun, more like meeting old friends than a committee meeting. The next meeting is on February 15 at 7-30. Please come along and join us or better still contact me Michael Harrison on 01271 345372.

Michael Harrison.

RBL Membership Officer