Knowstone church wins King of Prussia Gold Medal for repair work

North Devon Gazette

St Peter’s Church in Knowstone, North Devon, has been honoured in this year’s UK Church Architecture Awards.Â

The awards celebrate the best new UK church architecture projects and St Peter’s was awarded the King of Prussia Gold Medal.Â

The awards, run by the National Churches Trust and the Ecclesiastical Architects and Surveyors Association (EASA) were held at the church of St Mary Magdalene in Paddington, London on Thursday, November 4, 2021.Â

The King of Prussia Gold Medal for repair and conservation architecture was awarded to A J Bunning architects for their work on St Peter's church, Knowstone, North Devon.Â

The project centred around the discovery and then the restoration of wall paintings during routine repairs to an area of plasterwork.Â

As the examination and research progressed, it became apparent that the dating of the successive layers of the wall painting schemes was tied intrinsically with the history of the rood screen: from its initial construction, to the subsequent removal of the rood loft, and then the final removal of the screen.Â

Throughout the project it had been explained to the PCC that they would not end up with a beautifully complete wall painting, as might be found in other churches. The complexity of the different layers and schemes all played their part in the history of the wall and all had equal merit.Â

A Grade II* church, the south doorway of the church is thought to be Norman but the fabric of the main church is mainly 15th century and the north aisle 16th century.Â

Prince Nicholas von Preussen, Patron of EASA and Vice President of the National Churches presented the King of Prussia Gold Medal for repair and conservation architecture together with a £500 cheque to the winners.Â

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