Knights move off the bottom

Joseph Bulmer

CASTLE Knights have come off the bottom of the North Devon Table Tennis League’s first division, despite losing to Commodores’

The four points gained were just enough to lift them above Holsworthy A, who do however, have games in hand.

Leaders Torrington A, without Ben Taylor, just had enough to beat nearest rivals Smugglers who, surprisingly, took the doubles off the leaders.

Misfits, however, moved closer to Smugglers with a heavy win over Holsworthy A. Division 2 matches were tight, three of the four games ending in a draw.

Only win was by Hopefuls, who have recovered from a ragged start to the season to be unbeaten in their last eight cup and league games.

Div 1: Commodores 6, Castle Knights 4 (M Eyles 3); Misfits 8, Holsworthy A 2 (M Beer 3); Torrington A 6, Smugglers 4 (K Taylor, M Sussex 3).

Div 2: Bandits 2, Hopefuls 8 (A Cheung 3); Hartland 5, Holsworthy B 5 (M Overson 3); Littleham 5, Dolphins 5 (D Andrews 3); Untouchables 5, Torrington B 5 (A Briggs 3).