Jupiter jump to the top

Joseph Bulmer

TITANS Jupiter top Division 2 of the North Devon Netball League thanks to Kirstine Durk scoring a four-pointer to take them one point ahead of Venners Bakery Baby Cobras.

The match had been close throughout, with Venners edging ahead until Kirstine’s double pointer from outside the D went in to turn the tables.

South Molton Falcons have flown into the lead in Division 3 following great wins over Langtree Re-Unites Randoms and Carol Anne Amethysts.

Reeds had to work hard to move up in Division 4, winning their matches against Bude and North Devon Homes by two and three goals respectively.

Venners Bakery Pythons maintained their unbeaten Division 5 record to join Titans Pluto at the top.

Div 1: Carol Anne Trolls 29, Titans Voyager 22; Titans Apollo 28, Carol Anne Trolls 16; Carol Anne Diamonds 27, Titans Voyager 7; Carol Anne Diamonds 26, Carol Anne Sapphires 8; Venners Bakery Vipers 24, Carol Ann Sapphires 11; Titans Apollo 23, Venners Bakery Vipers 12.

Div 2: All Whites Girls 23, Venners Bakery Cobras 10; Titans Jupiter 20, Venners Bakery Cobras 4; Titans Jupiter 17, Venners Bakery Baby Cobras 16; Pat Williams Girls 21, Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks 16; Venners Bakery Baby Cobras 11, Pat Williams Girls 11; Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks 11, All Whites Girls 9.

Div 3: South Molton Falcons 19, Langtree Re-Unites Randoms 16; Carol Anne Amethysts 19, Venners Misfits 9; Venners Misfits 17, Langtree Re-Unites Randoms 11; South Molton Falcons 15, Carol Anne Amethysts 11.

Div 4: North Devon Homes 27, Carol Anne Rubies 15; Bude 19, Carol Anne Rubies 10; Reeds Silverside 17, Bude 15; Reeds Silverside 16, North Devon Homes 13.

Div 5:

Carol Anne Golds 23, Hartland Harriers 11; Venners Bakery Pythons 20, North Devon Homes Stars 16; Venners Bakery Pythons 19, Carol Anne Golds 5; Hartland Harriers 15, North Devon Homes Stars 9.