Juniors at county tourney

Joseph Bulmer

CAROL Anne juniors represented North Devon at the county U14s netball tournament and finished in fourth and sixth positions.

Both Diamonds and Sapphires had tough opening games and suffered large losses, but showed better form as the tournament progressed.

The young Sapphires gelled quickly and showed improvement with every game. They were able to beat Exeter B, thanks to strong defence from Ellie Smith and Beth Keech and steady movement and shooting by Evie Gubb and Madison Shepherd.

Sapphires then played their Carol Anne clubmates and although underdogs, managed to win through, with Alice Hannan working tirelessly in the mid-court.

They just needed a draw in their final match against Langtree to qualify for the regional round, but could not find their rhythm and lost by just one goal.

The Diamonds were level at half time against Exeter B, but couldn’t quite hold on. They then played Langtree Re-Unites and once again had a close game, but couldn’t maintain their standard for the full match.

Diamonds final match was against West Exe. They were more relaxed and focussed and although they didn’t win, they gave West Exe one of their toughest tests of the tournament.

TITANS Neptune just defeated their clubmates Jupiter in another close match in the North Devon Netball League.

Lorraine Cleverdon shot superbly to give her team the 36-30 victory.

Carol Anne Diamonds and Titans Apollo continue to challenge for the title, with convincing wins in the top division.

Carol Anne Pearls found their winning form again. beating Venners Bakery Baby Cobras.

Bude Stars and Langtree Re-Unites Rivals were outstanding in Division 2, each scoring more than 50 goals.

Bude Satellites and North Devon Homes matched these scores in Division 3.

Div 1: Titans Apollo 67, Langtree Re-Unites Rogues 15; Carol Anne Diamonds 58, Carol Anne Trolls 29; Carol Anne Pearls 50, Venners Bakery Baby Cobras 24; Titans Neptune 36, Titans Jupiter 30.

Div 2: Bude Stars 61, Fillies 11; Langtree Re-Unites Rivals 52, Coodes 12; Carol Anne Amethysts 30, Carol Anne Rubies 0 (conceded).

Div 3: Bude Satellites 58, Woolacombe Wolves 14; North Devon Homes 52, Titans Pluto 30; Venners Bakery Pythons 48, Carol Anne Jets 31; Bude Rockets 45, Langtree Re-Unites Rhinos 16;

Carol Anne Golds 40, Hartland Harriers 22.