Jessie's surf-inspired work to feature at London’s Bricklane Gallery

North Devon Gazette

An epoxy resin display created by North-Devon based artist Jessie Hutter will be shown at London’s Bricklane Gallery from March 30th until April 11th 2022. Â

Inspired by the North Devon coastline, Hutter has created unique pieces that inspire thoughts of sea, sand, salt and waves.Â

Born and raised in Cornwall, Hutter moved to London for a fast-paced job in advertising. In 2020, she found a remote marketing job and moved to North Devon for a quieter life. Â

“When you’re in London, you’re working full-on, so you don’t always get the time or brainpower for hobbies,” Hutter explains. But the new role, new home and lockdown gave Hutter more time than ever before, so she turned to social media for inspiration. Â

“I kept seeing resin art pop up on Instagram, and I thought it was really cool,” she said. “I kept badgering on about it to my boyfriend, so he bought me a beginner's kit to get me started. Â

When I first tried to work with resin, I got this little wonky table out and it kind of all went everywhere. But I was hooked from day one. It was creative and messy and making something that I could just do in my living room. I loved it.”Â

Hutter clearly enjoys her new life in Devon. “When I’m not covering things in resin, I’m usually found going for cold dips with my pals, going off on adventures in my van, or approaching strangers’ dogs on the beach for a cuddle.Â

“What's so cool about resin art is that it’s like looking into the sea. I've seen these amazing photos of aerial photography, where you're looking down at beaches and waves breaking over the sand. Sometimes, before I start, I’ll look at photos of a place that I've been to or sunsets that I've seen, and just try to use the same colours, with the same sort of look and feel.”Â

Jessie Hutter’s new lockdown hobby quickly became a side hustle as friends began commissioning her for their very own pieces of resin art. “They call resin liquid gold because it's so expensive, so I realised I could just keep doing this as a hobby,” she said. “But when I posted a picture for Instagram with one of the pieces that I made, two of my friends asked me to make them one. I realised that there might be something in this.”Â

As the commissions increased, Hutter developed a website to showcase her work, and in November 2021 had her first local art show at Heartbreak Hotel Coffee in Braunton. Then, she received a DM from an art-curator. Â

“They said they were planning shows for this year, and asked if I wanted to be part of an upcoming abstract group exhibition,” Hutter explains. “Initially, I didn’t think I was good enough. But my friends said I’d regret it if I didn’t do it. I could have walked into a gallery one day, looking at the art, and thinking I could do something like that. You’d kick yourself for being so scared. So I said yes!”Â

Hutter’s resin art will be on display at London’s Bricklane Gallery from March 30th until April 11th 2022, all because of a creative side-hustle that she discovered on Instagram. Â

“My resin art started with friends and has grown to commissions from strangers around the world wanting my art to be shown in their homes,” Jessie adds. “Beyond the gallery display this spring, I’d like to continue to develop my craft as a resin artist. I pour a bit of myself and a memory of a place into each piece and I feel very lucky to have been supported in doing something that I love."Â