It is inexcusable

Joseph Bulmer

SIR - There was an uplifting article in last week’s Gazette titled “Agricentre Plan will transform Town”.

It referred to plans to move the livestock market. Sadly, for South Molton, it referred to Holsworthy. One paragraph in the article makes the failure to regenerate South Molton by moving its livestock market even more galling.

“District, town and parish councils are working together to deliver the project, which it is planned to finance by the development of the current livestock site, with public consultation showing support for a new food store and housing there.”

The same policy was supposed to have applied to South Molton and could have moved the market at any time in the last decade. For some reason, the previous North Devon District administration committed itself to an agenda which failed to move the market and achieve the best financial returns for the council.

The current administration has endorsed that agenda. They could put the current livestock market site up for sale by auction, which would finance a timely market move and provide additional sorely needed millions for the district coffers.

But they will not do it, which is inexcusable. There is something rotten about this whole sorry saga.

Tony Martin, South Molton.