Ilfracombe family’s five year ‘mail nightmare’

Joseph Bulmer

Letters go everywhere except where they want them

AN Ilfracombe family are beginning to wonder if they will ever seen an end to a five year nightmare of misdirected, delayed and lost post.

Somchai Chantananad, his wife and daughter have given up waiting for post to arrive at their home in 4, Broad Street because they never know when, if or where it will be delivered.

Mr Chatananad told the Gazette that since moving into their flat above Crang’s Photo and Marine, they were never quite sure where their mail would end up.

“It’s been delivered to other addresses, into number 3 – which is unoccupied for most of the year – and we’ve also had other peoples’ mail delivered to us,” he said.

“We have had to collect mail from the Britannia at number 2, we have had mail from Broadpark Avenue which is at the other end of town.

“It almost seems as if they put them into the first available letterbox. We have even had bank statements delivered to other addresses, which is identity theft waiting to happen.”

The family share the same external front door with Crang’s, but the number 4 is very clearly emblazoned above it.

Mr Chantananad suffers from arthritis in his knees and back problems, but has made the journey to the Ilfracombe sorting officer on numerous occasions to either collect mail or report the problems.

He said although things seemed to settle down for awhile, the family’s misdelivery problems soon retuned to “normal.”

“There have been various explanations in the past,” he added.

“Surely they can read what the addresses are? The odd one you can understand, but going on for five years is totally unacceptable.”

The Royal Mail has looked into the problem and told the Gazette as well as speaking to delivery staff, a permanent written reminder would be placed on the sorting frame where Mr Chantananad’s mail was prepared, highlighting the problems he’s experienced and the need to ensure care is taken.

“We apologise for the misdelivery and the inconvenience this has caused,” a spokesperson said.

“We have put measures in place to ensure this does not happen again. Any customer who has any concerns about their mail service, should contact Royal Mail Customer Services on 08457 740740 so they can investigate any enquiry or complaint fully.”