Homes get protection from Fullabrook ‘flicker’

Joseph Bulmer

Technology will ‘shut down’ wind turbines to alleviate shadow flicker at nearby homes

TEN of the 22 wind turbines now erected at Fullabrook Down are to be fitted with special equipment to alleviate the chance of “shadow flicker” at nearby homes.

A detailed study by wind farm developers ESB International identified 20 “sensitive” properties that could be affected when the sun passes behind the turbines.

It concluded that in a worse case scenario, 14 could be potentially affected for more than 30 hours a year.

The study looked at a total of 37 homes situated within 2km of the wind farm.

Turbines capable of causing a flicker will be fitted with a shadow detection system that enables the operator to switch them off in certain light conditions, typically at sunrise and sunset.

The Fullabrook Down wind farm will become England’s largest onshore win farm when it becomes fully operational this October.

It is expected to generate enough electricity to power 30,000 domestic homes – almost three quarters of the homes in North Devon.