In today’s times when a significant portion of consumer goods are purchased on the internet, the High Street shop is losing out due to price competition.

I believe that now and in the future business will have to come up with something original to draw people back in to the local villages that is not in direct competition with sales on the internet.

Devon Made has hit the nail on the head because it is such a unique shop that sells goods you just would not go looking for on the internet.

Its unique selling point (USP) is that it sells quality goods that are made in Devon. This is very original and interesting to residents and visitors alike. The shop is not aimed at selling your daily goods but more of your nice treats.

In one shop you have lovely items such as Devon ice cream, cookies, fudge, chilli sauces and pickles.

All the items are of a good quality, very interesting and well priced and it is a shop you want to come back to.

If all shops had this USP then I believe the High Street would be incredibly interesting and they would thrive more.

Just as important is that the staff who work there are very friendly, very welcoming and are a pleasure to do business with.

Adam Thompson, Chivenor


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