Massachusetts police officer left baffled during bizarre call across the pond – Excuse me ma’am, did you say ‘Muddiford’?

A woman who called police to report a traffic incident near Barnstaple was told she would have to wait six hours for an officer to attend.

But the unknown caller had inadvertently called police in Barnstable USA on the other side of the Atlantic.

A recording of the remarkable call – thought to have been made from Ilfracombe on Thursday night – has been posted on YouTube by Massachusetts news website

During the three-minute call, which has already had nearly 2,000 views, the caller attempts to describe an incident she’d encountered on the Muddiford road.

Barnstable Police officer Mark McWilliams patiently attempts to pinpoint the woman’s location but says he is not familiar with ‘Muddiford’.

The awkward exchange continues when the caller questions the officer’s lack of local knowledge and when the penny finally drops, officer McWilliams jokes that there’ll be a six-hour response time.

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