Half-a-dozen new reports of big cat sightings have been made to Devon and Cornwall police this year, fresh figures reveal.

One resident claimed a puma attacked their dog in a back garden in Calstock, Cornwall, according to logs revealed in a Freedom of Information request to the force.

Officers attended the incident in March and logs state that a 'wide' footprint, larger than that of a Labrador, was found.

Since publishing a map of all the sightings in Devon and Cornwall, a flurry of residents have got in touch to add their sightings of the infamous Dartmoor beast.

Expert Danny Bamping, from The British Big Cats Society, said they had received hundreds and sometimes thousands of big cat reports a year, with an usually large number of puma sightings in the region.

He added that exotic cats could travel around 25 kilometres in a night.

So the Beast of Bodmin Moor, Exmoor and Dartmoor could be the same animal.

The latest information released by the force revealed the details of a number of other logs.

This included one sighting in Bodmin in April where a caller reported seeing a 'long', 'slim' 'large cat' which was making its way over a hedge.

The creature was 'not too tall, but more dog size and household cat'.

In the same month, another person reported a possible sighting of a lynx at the rear of her garden in Newquay, in Cornwall.

She described the animal as larger than a normal domestic cat with bigger, pointy ears.

Two reports of big cat sightings were made by Devon residents.

In May 2019, a person told police he saw what he perceived to be a big cat at Kingsbridge and Salcombe.

He said the creature was Labrador-sized, dark grey and had speckles.

A month later, another person called police after they said they spotted a very large black cat in the road at Ivybridge.

The police log said the creature was reportedly the size of a German Sheppard, and had a 'large black thin tail.'

The log said: "Caller convinced it was like a panther or a lynx."

In 2018, 10 reports of big cat sightings were also made to police.

One caller spotted a creature in East Devon - they reported seeing a large black cat with yellow eyes on approach to Seaton Beach.

Another report, said two beige-brown puma-sized cats were seen walking across the road from a farm shop in Copperhouse and Gwinear, Cornwall.

For the full details on all the sightings explore our interactive big cat map and get in touch if you have a sighting to add.