Hidden works progressing

Joseph Bulmer

BEHIND the screens in New Road, Bideford, work is progressing on the nine-month, �750,000 scheme to replace the cantilever walkway from the town’s ancient long bridge.

A temporary working platform, comprising of stone fill material, has been installed in the river below the existing wall to minimise disruption to the traffic and nearby properties.

The solid panels which hide the work from passers-by have been erected around the site for safety reasons and to limit disturbance from the works.

The existing structure has already been delicately demolished. Sheet piling works are due to start towards the end of April for a period of up to five weeks.

A new wall will replace the existing cantilever walkway structure in front of the library and Tanton’s Hotel and will comprise a sheet piled, rock anchored, re-inforced concrete retaining wall, which will be faced with masonry.

These works are necessary as the old cantilever footway was found to be weak and in a poor condition.

Two-way traffic has been maintained and a crossing has been put in place in New Road to provide a safe route for pedestrians.

It is anticipated that the works will be completed by November.