Helping hands save carnival

Joseph Bulmer

BIDEFORD carnival is to go marching on.

After its main organisers for many years had to give up this year, it was feared the carnival might be coming to an end.

But meetings in the town have resulted in new supporters coming forward to join the handful of remaining members and now a 10-11 strong group will be working together to ensure this year’s event.

It will take place on September 10 and will have the special theme ‘A Night At The Movies,’ providing a wealth of choices for entrants young and old.

The role of carnival secretary, previously held by Mike Harper, has now been filled by Adrian Nelmes.

The Humphries family, who have taken major roles in the carnival’s organisation for the past 30 years, will continue their association.

Stuart and Pat Humphries, who have worked alongside Stuart’s late father Michael and mother Maureen for much of that time, will continue as part of the new group. Pat will be taking over her mother-in-law’s former responsibility for the carnival queen and attendants and their dresses while Stuart will continue to make their float and carry out other duties.