Help turn tide with Appledore community film

North Devon Gazette

What do you see when you see the sea and what would you like to share or tell others about the sea?  Â

With a deadline of February 28th, the Time and Tide Bell charity is inviting you to create and submit your own short films or audio content, recordings which share what you feel about the sea.  Â

COTIDAL is an ambitious new creative artwork by the Devon based artist Tania Kovats, commissioned by the Time and Tide Bell Organisation. Tania’s ambition is to create a 24 hour and 50-minute-long film, the length of a lunar day.  Â

Her film will track the movement of high tide around the UK. Made up of community contributions, films and sound recordings, the film will be edited with Kovats’ own filmed material and woven together to create a cinematic celebration of our island's tides.Â

The first chapter of this film is being made in North Devon, where the inaugural Time and Tide Bell was placed on the seawall in Appledore.  The hour-long film will be the opening episode of this exciting national project. The project and film will gather together people’s feelings about, and responses to, the sea which surrounds our island.  Â

It will be a visual and community driven representation of how the tide is a wave that connects us.  The film will be screened, for free, in North Devon later in 2022. After which it will be available to view online.  Â

Tania is offering an open invitation for you to share what you see when you see the sea.  As an artist her work “Addresses our relationship with water, rivers, seas, oceans and our liquid selves.” Â

Film and audio recordings, up to 2 minutes long, can be submitted for inclusion in the film.  Content can be uploaded to the Time and Tide Bell website -  Excerpts of submitted content may be included in the hour-long film.  Â

To find out more and to take part in COTIDAL visit the website Follow COTIDAL on social media, Facebook @cotidalproject and Instagram cotidal_.   Â

The deadline for submitting your films or audio is February 28th, 2022.  Â