Gymnasts join the circus

Joseph Bulmer

YOUNG North Devon gymnasts joined the circus for a day when they were given the opportunity to perform in the big top of Paulo’s Circus Americano in Victoria Park, Bideford, on Sunday.

The youngsters put on a 15-minute show and were well received.

Charles Moore, chairman of the North Devon Display Gymnastics Club, said it all began when some of them went to the circus and were taken by the skills and techniques of the trapeze artist and how some of this might fit into gymnastics.

After discussion with the circus they were invited to perform and their coaches and display team were delighted to do so.

“This is gymnastics, the oldest form of sport, teaming up with the circus, which is the oldest form of entertainment,” he said.

The North Devon Display Gymnastics Club has a membership of 300 young people aged from one to 18 years and fully qualified coaches, said Mr Moore. They did displays and competitions, but were there for everyone to enjoy the sport and the training, not just for elite performers.

The club has a main base at Kingsley School in Bideford and also has venues in Torrington, Barnstaple and Holsworthy.

Paulo’s Circus has now moved on to Bude, where it will be entertaining until June 5, and the young gymnasts will also be performing there at 2pm this Saturday.