Great resort

Joseph Bulmer

SIR - A local writer has been covering seaside resorts in the West Country and he disappointed me when his coverage of Ilfracombe, I though, was very selective.

He only covered Tunnels Beaches, which, although interesting in themselves, don’t cover the town itself.

The efforts the people of Ilfracombe have made to keep tourists coming while suffering from a surfeit of closing High Street shops (like all West Country areas) is undeniable.

When you come to the resort, remember its natural position along a rugged coastline with the second highest tide flow in the world.

Go to the harbour and see the boats moored in the inner harbour and consider the battle most have made to reach that position.

Enjoy the fish and chips and hospitality offered by the locals. Walk along to the theatre which looks like two ice cream cones designed, in fact, to welcome all touring theatre companies, but not too distant that it doesn’t allow local schools to use its facilities on occasion.

Don’t you dare visit Ilfracombe without sampling a Hocking’s ice cream sold from a van by the theatre!

Ilfracombe will fight back with your help, but don’t go looking for a chocolate box image, this area has had to fight for what it has and with your help it will keep it.

S M Nutton,

North Devon.