Good and outstanding at Swimbridge Pre-school

Joseph Bulmer

Education inspectors find much to like at village pre-school.

SWIMBRIDGE Pre-School has been celebrating after praise by Oftsed.

Families, staff and the committee were delighted to be judged good by inspectors in all other areas but outstanding for the extent to which children achieve and enjoy their learning, make a positive contribution and develop skills for the future.

It highlighted how staff plan stimulating and challenging activities that promote individual learning and that children made extremely good progress towards their early learning goals.

“One of the things children and parents like about the pre-school is its size,” said supervisor Sarah Smith.

“There are no more than 12 children attending each session and the children feel at home very quickly. Because we only take three and four-year-olds we are able to focus very specifically on their needs and interests.”

Committee chairman Amy McLaughlin added: “We are so pleased Ofsted have recognised all the hard work and enthusiasm that goes into making Swimbridge such a fantastic place for the children to come to. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated and talented staff team.”