George makes a knockout debut

Joseph Bulmer

BARNSTAPLE plumber Peter George has made a successful debut in the tough world of cage fighting at the age of 41.

George, a member of Barnstaple Combat Sports, is coached by Lee Bishop.

He was to have made his debut at the Karma Nightclub in Plymouth against an opponent also having his first fight. But he faced a tougher baptism when that opponent pulled out and he found himself against a more experienced man in Paul Hutchings of Macmillan Mixed Martial, Plymouth.

The Plymouth man started quickly with head punches and a wrestling takedown which had George on the floor. He managed to turn the tables, only to be caught in an arm choke from which he had to work hard to escape.

An exchange of punches followed and then both men hit the floor, where Hutchings’ judo experience had George in trouble with a strong arm lock. But the Barnstaple man managed to stand up and pull his opponent with him before slamming him to the floor. When he got up, George unleashed a barrage of punches, ending with a big right which won him a knockout victory.