Fullabrook turbines up and running next month

Joseph Bulmer

Developers say the farm near West Down is expected to be switched to full operation and plugged into the National Grid on November 18.

FULLABROOK Wind Farm looks set to become fully operational on Friday, November 18, six months after the first turbine was erected.

Since the last of the 110 metre turbines was erected in July, the 22 units have undergone months of testing to check reliability and connectivity to the grid, with single or groups of turbines regularly seen working from across the district.

On November 18 Western Power Distribution is due to undertake the final engineering work to complete the wind farm’s connection to the national grid, which will allow the farm to start fully exporting electricity.

Once fully operational it will be able to generate enough electricity to power 30,000 homes, the equivalent of three quarters of the domestic homes in North Devon.

A spokesperson for Irish company ESB, which owns the site, said: “We are extremely pleased that, if all goes to plan, Fullabrook Wind Farm will finally be fully operational on November 18.

“Once this final piece of engineering work is done it will be able to start supplying all of the clean, green electricity it generates.”

Each turbine has a three megawatt capacity and estimate of power for 30,000 homes takes into account the fact the wind does not blow constantly, according to developers.