Four cross biking comes to Abbotsham

Joseph Bulmer

The British National 4X Bike series is heading to South West Extreme Bike Park adjacent to the Big Sheep in Abbotsham this weekend.

One hundred and fifty riders from across the country are expected to compete on Saturday and Sunday on the downhill track where big banked corners, huge jumps and high speed will give spectators added excitement.

Competitors will go through knockout stages until a winner is crowned at the end of weekend.

Four Cross racing is inspired by the dual format and by BMX racing. Four riders are on the same course from the starting gates to the finish. There can only be one winner per event, so the races quickly eliminate riders.

Russ Johns, S W Extreme Manager said: “The event will be showcasing some of our country’s top professional riders. Entry is free, so it’s definitely worth popping out .”

The 4X event starts at 10.30am on both. For more details contact Russ on 07779639793 or view the series progress @