Food waste scheme tastes success

Joseph Bulmer

ON the first anniversary of food waste collections being rolled out in Torridge, the council has declared it a resounding success.

Local people have responded by filling up their food waste caddies week in and week out.

In the past year more than 1,200 tonnes extra green waste has been collected than in the previous 12-months and there has been a reduction of more than 1,300 tonnes of black bag land fill waste collected.

When the district council first started collecting green garden and cardboard waste in 2001/02 only 153 tonnes were collected. By 2009/10 this had risen to 6,022 tonnes and the corresponding black bag rates have decreased from 20,446 tonnes to 15,069, in spite of the number of houses in the district increasing by nearly 4,000.

Torridge District Council’s lead member for Waste and Recycling, Councillor Adam Symons, said: “This is fantastic news. I think the public are starting to realise that they throw out far too much food waste in their bins. The problem with throwing away food in your general rubbish is that when it goes to landfill, it rots, giving off methane, a potent greenhouse gas. If you put it in your food caddy and send it for composting, we can turn it back into nutrients for the soil. In the past 12 months we have collected over 6,000 tonnes of garden and food waste from residents and turned it into useful compost. Now is a really good time to remind people that all their food waste during Christmas and the New Year can be composted. Just put it in your food caddy and then into your green wheelie bin.”

For more information on food waste recycling or if you are unsure if a particular food item can be placed in your caddy and green wheelie bin, contact Torridge’s recycling team on (01237) 428734 or visit .

Torridge recycling collections over the Christmas period will be: normal collection Dec 27, green wheelie bin Dec 29; normal Dec 28, green wheelie, December 30; normal Dec 29, 30 and 31, green wheelie normal; week commencing Jan 3, green wheelie one day late.