Flybe reveals why plane had to make emergency landing

Joseph Bulmer

Flybe issued a statement explaining why one of its flights to Newcastle had to return to Exeter and make an emergency landing this afternoon.

Said a spokesman: “Flybe can confirm that the flight (BE 703) returned to Exeter from airborne following an incident during takeoff from Exeter International Airport that necessitated the airport putting emergency vehicles on standby.

“The Q400 aircraft was operating a flight from Exeter to Newcastle with 39 passengers and 4 crew on board when, on retraction, one of the wheels detached itself on to the runway.

“The aircraft landed safely without further incident, all passengers left the aircraft as normal by means of the aircraft steps and will be re-accommodated on the next available flight this afternoon.”

Flybe said the safety of its passengers and crew was Flybe’s number one priority.

“Flybe operates the world’s largest fleet of Q400 with 58 aircraft with an average age of 4.1 years that safely operate over 100,000 flights a year,” said the spokesman.