First turbine is erected at Fullabrook

Joseph Bulmer

First of 22 110 metre turbines looms over the landscape

THE first of 22 wind 110 metre turbines has been installed at the Fullabrook wind farm near West Down.

The turbine blades were fitted yesterday (Monday) after the first components arrived in abnormal load convoys with a police escort.

The separate components for two turbines – a tower, three blades, nacelle and hub – are expected to be delivered weekly.

The wind farm is scheduled to be fully operational in the autumn of this year.

The Devon Wind power installation was granted planning permission in October 2007 after much local objection and ultimately being approved by the Secretary of State. The company has since been acquired by ESB Wind Development UK.

According to the company, when completed it will become the largest on shore wind farm in England. The 66-megawatt facility is expected to provide sufficient electricity for nearly 30,000 homes.