First round stoppage for Bideford's teenage star

North Devon Gazette

Bideford ABC finished a busy year of boxing on the Port Talbot Bulldogs show. Â

James Dearson was top of the bill against Lewis Dempster from Swansea. Dearson showed destructive power, rocking Dempster with a right-hand counter over the jab, forcing a standing count. Â

The finish came seconds later as Dearson countered with a left hook followed by a straight right for a stoppage. The 19 year-old Bideford light heavyweight is fast making a big name for himself on the amateur circuit, this being his second consecutive 1st round stoppage and also winning gold at the Riviera Box Cup earlier in the year.Â

Conor Sharman made his debut against Conor Mayley from Goodes ABC. Mayley used fast straight punches in the first to keep Sharman at range. Sharman began having success with the double jab and the straight right hand, making it close going into the last but Mayley pulled away in his work-rate to gain the win.Â