Filmmaker’s plea for help

Joseph Bulmer

Get involved with the making of a new mini-blockbuster and you may even get your name in the credits.

DONATE towards a new short film production and you may even get your name in the credits, says Barnstaple filmmaker Tony Webber.

Tony is trying to raise �5,500 through ‘crowdfunding’ for his latest film Tom, after government funding became unavailable.

Tony explained: “The idea behind crowdfunding is to pull together many people to fund a project, with each person contributing small amounts to make up the total; anything from a few pounds to a few hundred pounds.

If 1,000 people were to read this article and each person contributed just �3 then that would raise �3,000 towards the budget, which would be fantastic.”

As an incentive, contributors are offered perks ranging from DVD and blu-ray copies to their name in the credits, depending on their contribution.

Any money contributed towards his latest short film will go towards catering, accommodation, travel expenses, hiring a named acting cast, crew, van hire, insurance, equipment hire and post-production.

Tony added: “I’d like to make a film that’s worthy of winning an Oscar, I’ve written a great script that’s received excellent feedback and now I want to turn that into a great film that can do well on the festival circuit.”

Tony’s previous films have screened at festivals in the UK and also in the USA and Europe, including the Newport Beach Film Festival in California, the short film showcase of the Cannes Film Festival and also on Sky TV’s short film channel Propeller TV.

Tom centers on the story of a man in his early thirties who takes his new girlfriend to meet his parents for the first time, with a few unexpected twists along the way.

To learn more about the film and to get involved in the campaign, which ends at the end of February, you can visit the project’s fundraising page here at